To ensure the competitiveness and profitable growth of a company, it is today necessary to distribute parts of the company’s value creation on global markets, in order to break down market entry barriers such as local content requirements. The worldwide distribution respectively the internationalization of the value creation poses many risks that can lead to failure of foreign activities.

It is our target to develop an individually tailored approach for our customers, which can guarantee a quick market entry, the dismantling of market entry barriers and the reduction of risks at the same time. Furthermore, the procedure should take into account a variety of factors influencing the internationalization.

It is very important to us to make the success factors in an international environment clear to our customers and their employees and to make them aware of how to deal with influencing factors. For the correct handling of influencing factors and thus for ensuring successful internationalization, we support our customers with:

  • International project consulting
  • Adaptation of the internal corporate culture (focus on changing behavior)
  • Promotion of understanding for international partners, customer needs and competition
  • Trainings for the cultural qualification of staff
  • Organizing cooperation between culturally different partners
  • Methods to build value creation in different locations worldwide
  • Methods to reduce market entry barriers and risks
  • Methods to protect know-how and quality
  • Market and location analysis
  • Competitive analysis

Our consulting service for internationalization is suitable for all manufacturing companies or any company with its own value creation that contains know-how, which needs to be protected!

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